Definitive rankings of Oxford boutiques

Oxford, Ohio: Isolated from the world due to there being no direct highway close by, the students of Miami University have a tough time finding mainstream things to do, like shopping. A blessing and a curse, not having a mall less than fifteen minutes away make sure I don’t spend all my money at an easy, fast fashion shop, like Zara, but it resorts me to online binge shopping. Enter the Uptown boutiques of Oxford. Just enough cute stuff where I’m not overwhelmed, buying everything like I would at a mall and just enough where I never really NEED to order something from Revolve for the thirtieth time. I have listed what I would call a good ranking of all the boutiques we have available. Ready, read:

The Apple Tree: Super cute, take your mom shopping at the store. They have the best jewelry, Free People selection, and home accessories. I always pick up at least a reusable water bottle or pair of earrings when I go in because I just can’t help myself when choosing between their cute selection.




Leeli & Lou: Amazing items that you wouldn’t know where to buy if they weren’t at this boutique. They have a lot of cute Saturday day type sweaters and pants, plus a good mix of cute formal dresses. I also love the amount of variety they have in store and, you can always turn to the girl next to you and get a real opinion on if you look good in the camo joggers you’re trying on.

Hush: A staple. I love everything they list for sale. They always have a great selection or bralettes or PJ’s that are insanely comfortable. It makes buying underwear more mainstream, and you feel good in anything you put on.

Juniper: Cute, boho pieces at great prices. Juniper has a lot to offer and is always one of my go to’s. I always find great, loose tops or cute necklaces from there that will go with most anyone’s wardrobe.

Wildberry: strictly for grungey drug rugs and niche tapestries.