Beauty on a budget: a college girl’s guide to perfect blonde hair

Cool-Toned blonde hair color is something many women aspire to have, but keeping away brassy tones and preventing split ends can be time consuming and expensive. But with a few simple products, icy blonde hair can be easy and affordable.

Shampoo & Conditioner:


Verb Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner is specially formulated for fine, colored hair. Bleaching hair causes it to lose thickness which is also the reason blonde hair is commonly frizzy and lacks shine. But the Ghost range helps keep blonde hair healthy and looking fresh. And for only $16 per bottle, it is perfect for college girls on a budget.

Purple shampoo:


Purple is the opposite of orange on the color scale, which means purple shampoo counteracts brassy tones that commonly occur on dark hair that is bleached blonde. This Shiny Silver Ultra Purple Shampoo, which you can buy on Amazon, is affordable, effective, and long-lasting because you only need to use it once per week. Buy it from Target for $7.


IMG_0326 copy.jpg

These hair oils from the brand ogx help to protect against split ends and reduce frizz. The Weightless Healing Oil Treatment is to be used before blow-drying, and the Weightless Healing Dry Oil is a great finishing touch on styled hair. Get it for less than $8 from Ulta. 


IMG_0328 2.jpg

Here’s to beautiful, healthy, icy-blonde hair!