Why you should never sleep in your makeup ever again

We’ve all been there, getting home at 2:30 AM after a big night at Brick Street Bar & Grill; it does not always promise a clean, refreshed face when you wake up the next morning. Once in a while, sleeping in your makeup isn’t the biggest deal, but if it is a part of your weekend routine, then it is time to make some changes, girl.

Sleeping in your makeup causes clogged pores, breakouts, irritation of the skin and rough skin texture, but the worst thing is that it leads to premature signs of aging and bacterial build-up. This isn’t worth risking not looking as young as J-Lo at 49 years old!

Skin types respond differently to sleeping in makeup, and it is not “good” for anyone with any kind of skin type to sleep in their makeup. However,  someone who has sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin is more likely to see breakouts the very next day.

Makeup removal is key for your everyday routine, even if you feel your eyes closed when you walk into your room last at night and are too lazy to move. You’ll be thankful later when you grow up looking like Jennifer Aniston, rather than Madonna.

Even though a full cleanse would make you feel the best the next day, makeup wipes will do the trick, as they remove the majority of makeup, oil, and dirt. Grab yourself some makeup wipes and put them on your bedside table, your skin will definitely thank you later.