Nail art: not left in 2012

While we all feel a bit unnecessary doing it, everyone loves getting their nails done. I know multiple girls (and guys) who will drop a rough hundred per month just to have a little touch up on the cuticles and a polish. Now that’s where it gets a little tricky; it’s more than polish in 2019. Its shellac, gel, or dip; simple manicure days are gone. But whatever your preference draws you to, I really recommend diving into some design the next time you go. No, not the tacky feather design your Kroger check out lady has in a neon shade.

Chill House Nails

I’m talking mid-century modern, Picasso inspired looks. Squiggles in bright colors with soft background colors are all one needs to be hip on the nail trend. This also brings a new light to your otherwise basic black nail that would probably go unnoticed. I particularly like the nail art to the right as they have two, really warm colors with a similar color palette background, but on a completely different scale. A great choice if you’re thinking about some future warm weather in this depressing, otherwise gloomy weather we’re having.

Toy Style

While this one may have more detail, it’s definitely worth the hour in the salon purely for bragging rights that you have the coolest nails. Ever. The small evil eye detailing is something that not a lot of people could pull off, but with subtle nudes and pastels, this could work on anyone who wants a little pop. Time-consuming, this variation of the trend might not be one for the casual wearer but would gain you some street cred when you turn in your FAS259 paper late to your professor on a Friday afternoon. They will one hundred percent disregard the tardiness and be dying to know where you got your nails done, along with what inspired this Greek look.

The Klog

Now, you may be dying to hop on this artistic trend, but lack the funds or the time. Okay, DIY! On the right, you can see that minimalist nail art can even be done in the home. With two of your favorite colors, paint a base coat, then add a dot in the central south region of your nail with a q-tip. Easy as that. A fun mani AND it was virtually free? That’s something I can get behind.

Nails don’t have to be expensive, but I wholeheartedly believe that they should be fun. So before you reach for your color of Barefoot by Essie, think about what cute modern-art inspired look is something you would want on featured on your nail beds. Pick a second color and run with it. Get creative and don’t be afraid that you’re not #ontrend.