6 college-friendly​ recipes

After spending the last 6 weeks in nonstop food heaven, whether it be my mom’s home cooking or eating out with friends at my favorite little Greek place, I dreaded the thought of returning to school and all the reheated frozen food and Panera soup that awaited me. My class schedule and homework consume most of my day, and my need to socialize with my friends taking up what’s left of my free time. I rarely had time to make it to the dining halls for their fresh meals rather than the staple pepperoni pizza or cold pasta; not to mention eating in my dorm as I knocked out another STA125 video was too convenience to pass up.

With all this in mind and the weeks dwindling till the great migration back to campus, I considered that maybe there was a way to bring with me some deceptively easy recipes that worked around the limited on-campus grocery selection and my lack of access to full kitchen mobility. My biggest concern: if it’s gonna be served hot can it be done in the microwave.

From there I was able to find some delicious; quick; and, most importantly, easy ingredient recipes from breakfast to dinner to grab and go snacks. Below I attached just a few of my favorite finds that will definitely be added to my in-dorm dining menu.