Magic Maggie

How many NYU students can say that when they played Pharrell Williams their music it left him speechless because it was that good? Not many, yet Maggie Rogers can. After meeting Pharrell in 2016 in her NYU masterclass and playing her song “Alaska” for him, which currently has about 76 million streams on Spotify,  Rogers rose to fame. In the years following, Maggie released a couple singles, an EP, and most recently her first studio album, Heard It In A Past Life. 


Pharrell said it best: There’s no-one like her. Maggie grew up playing the banjo and folk music in Maryland. She explained to Pharrell that her love for nature and hiking, and spiritual experience she had with dance music while studying abroad in Paris, lead her to the creation that is “Alaska.” Rogers herself said the rhythm of the song came from wanting to make pop music as human as possible.

Her next big hit was her single “Light On,” released in 2018 and featured on her new album. Like “Alaska,” it’s got feeling sprinkled within the lyrics, but a rhythm that makes you want to dance.

I know I’m pretty late to hearing Maggie’s magic. If it wasn’t for my roommate blasting her music in our room and on car rides, I don’t know if I’d ever listened to her. Now, I can’t stop.