10 essential items you need in your closet

If you’re like me and you struggled with finding staple items in your closet, struggle no more! I’ve compiled a list of 10 essential clothing items you NEED in your closet so that you’re prepared for any and every event!

  1. Little black dress – this is essential for the last minute date party, funeral, formal event, etc. It’s a necessity, and it’ll come in handy!
  2. Jean Jacket – throw it on with black jeans, leggings, yoga pants, a skirt, whatever the vibe for the night is, and you’re set! Jean jackets are super versatile, and I wear mine all the time!
  3. Black t-strap heels – similar to the little black dress, you can dress these up or make them more casual, but sometimes they’re exactly what you need to complete an outfit. Don’t forget a change of shoes though if you have some high heels!
  4. Flare jeans – these are cute for a little dressy brunch date or a night with your girls! Definitely one of my favorite articles of clothing.
  5. Leather jacket – this one is similar to the jean jacket, but having a black leather jacket in your closet really works wonders. They’re especially cute with skirts or high waisted jeans!
  6. Jean skirt – this really goes with anything! Wedges for a lunch date, a cute top and some heels for a date with your boy/girl, or a nice blouse!
  7. Rain/snow boots – you never realize how important these are until you’re hiking around in sneakers in the snow… Hunter boots or Bean boots are great for rainy or snowy days!
  8. Black beanie – throw it on with a sweatshirt, or with your jean jacket 😉 black beanies are great for keeping you warm but also being cute!
  9. Comfy pair of sneakers – whether these are Air Force One or Ultra Boosts, you need a comfy pair of sneakers for late night Walmart runs or running around town with your girls on the weekends!
  10. Funky sweater – either a cool color, interesting pattern or fancy sleeves, a statement sweater is a great way to dress up any outfit, and they look so cute!

I hope my ten tips helped you build your perfect closet! Remember this next time you’re at your local T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s!