Oxford restaurants you need to eat at

There are limited options when it comes to restaurants in Oxford, but there are some fantastic choices on the menus of the places that we do have, both uptown and on campus.

1. Bodega

Bodega is a deli, but not your average deli. It is a bit more upscale, and their menu is more unique. “The Dinah” is the favorite of many and definitely a must-try, and you can also make your own sandwich!

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2. Mac & Joes

Mac & Joe’s is your classic college town dive bar, but it has a vintage-y vibe and some great food! It’s a great place to go for a low-key, inexpensive dinner with a group of friends before going out uptown. Personally, every time I go here, I get the chicken caesar salad and split the chicken nachos with the table!


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3. Haine’s

Haine’s is actually on campus, located in Armstrong right by the stir-fry place so you can use declining balance when you go here. It’s basically a Mediterranean chipotle, you can get a rice bowl, a salad bowl, or a pita and you can choose from different types of hummus, proteins and many toppings. It’s a great place to stop for a quick lunch between classes or for an early dinner, as it closes at 6 pm!


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4. Fridge & Pantry

Fridge & Pantry is a relatively new place that opened up last year in Oxford. It doubles as a grocery store that has all of your weekly necessities and a café that offers sandwiches, salads, acai bowls, and smoothies! I personally recommend the turkey and apple sandwich, the mixed berry mania smoothie or the blueberry granola acai bowl.

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5. Kofenya

Kofenya is an aesthetically pleasing café uptown (founded by two Miami alumnae!) that has a wide variety of coffee, lattes and teas, delicious pastries (they have vegan options, too) and toasts that are new this year. It’s an awesome, relaxed place to do some homework, meet up with a friend or to just to chill with coffee in hand. They have sweet and savory toasts, my two favorites are the green toast, which is your classic avocado toast, and the caprese toast that has mozzarella, tomatoes basil, and balsamic glaze. For coffee, I usually stick with a skim latte and will maybe add a pump of vanilla or pumpkin spice if I want a sweeter pick-me-up!