A driven musician: Kylie Miller and her new EP, “Hidden”

First-year student Kylie Miller, from Hamilton, OH, released her first EP on March 15th, but this isn’t her first time releasing music.


“[The] first single I released was “Dear Indigo.” It’s an acoustic song, and I released that last summer, so that was the summer after I graduated high school,” Miller said.

Miller has released three other singles, “my worth is more,” “Piece X Piece” and “Italy.” She describes her music this way:  “If Adele went country and became best friends with Lady Gaga.”

Her EP includes five new songs, my personal favorite being “Voices of the Wind.”

“So many things and people have inspired this. And I would argue that I’ve been writing this EP my whole life, but I didn’t start it until last October.”

Miller started making music her freshman year of high school after trying out for show choir, the first time she sang in front of people. Though she didn’t make it, she was encouraged to keep going, leading her to start learning guitar and start singing more. She began writing music during the last part of high school.

“I guess I’ve been writing my whole life, but I never knew how to put it with music until junior or senior year.”

Miller is an Engineering Management major. She said balancing school and music has taught her to manage her time well.

“People think it’s random, but it’s really not. I love math. And music is engineered so beautifully, they’re cohesive.”

Though she is very disciplined, sometimes her schedule doesn’t allow her to work on music.

“I’ll be in class until 8 pm, and I’ll get home and be like ‘Ok I’m starting music,’ and I work on music from 8 pm to 2 pm…some days I don’t get to work on music at all and that’s kind of sad and frustrating because all I want to do is music, but it’s a lot of me learning and just having faith that everything will work out how it’s supposed to be.”

J-term provided Miller with the perfect opportunity to focus on creating music, leading to the release of her EP with producer Sebastien Kravick from Northwoods Recording.

“I probably wrote like 30 different songs, and he nitpicked them and through all of that came the EP with five songs…We’ve been working on it for so long without anyone knowing.”

What impresses me about Miller is her drive not just in making music, but also in creating her brand. She makes all of her own social media content, which features illustrated photos. Though her latest videos were produced by student Emily Brustoski, the head video editor for The Miami Student.

“I’m actually really passionate about digital design and just branding as a whole. Because I’ve had a little bit of experience with my friend Kristen, she does a whole yoga business, and I got to brand for her, and I learned a lot through that and over time I’ve just learned to incorporate that into my own brand. And I don’t know, if nothing else worked in my life and just doing digital content for people worked, I’d be totally happy.”

She also created Ky’s Tribe, a “creative team made up of willing and creative individuals who consistently offer new and innovative ideas to the Kylie Miller brand as well as help with promotional aspects,” according to Ky’s Tribe Instagram.

“I knew I wanted to cultivate a community somehow that would not only connect people through my music but would get people more involved with my music…I just want people to expand their creativity and step outside of their comfort zone and do something great.”

Miller’s work ethic and dedication are inspiring. She keeps herself on track by setting music-related goals for herself every six months and then re-evaluating them every so often.

“My eyes are on the prize. I don’t know if this sounds cliche, but I believe it:  I will sell out Madison Square Garden someday. I will win some Grammys. And those things, that’s not what it’s about, but those are the goals that I have.”

Though Miller admits she would like to be famous someday, she says it’s not about being known.

“I don’t want people to know me, I want to know people. And I want to have a platform where I can inspire people because I want nothing more than for people to hear my music and feel something, I don’t even care what they feel, just feel something and be inspired by it.”

Luna Blu