Some tea about the Kardashians you may not know…

If you have been living under a rock for the past several weeks than you missed the biggest Kardashian scandal to happen since Caitlyn Jenner.


The Kardashians are always caught up in some mess, and after much thought, I thought why not blog about the story that has been unraveling for weeks. I have been tuned in to every celebrity news site and have kept specific notifications on for certain Kardashians via Twitter… Khloe! And now that everything has dyed down I think it’s safe to say the receipts have come to light.

First things first the Kardashians may be messier than we thought…

E! Online

Remember when Kim K and Blac Chyna used to be besties…well that all went sour once underage Kylie Jenner and Tyga started dating. Did I mention that Tyga and Blac Chyna have a son named King? If that isn’t messy, then I don’t know what is…

Next suspicious activity is from the only male in the Kardashian family, Rob!

Am I only the one that thinks it’s weird that out of all women on this planet, Rob chooses to go after Kim Kardashian’s ex-bestie, Kylie Jenner beau’s (at the time) baby momma, Blac Chyna…no guys it’s just weird.

The next red sign about the Kardashians is this arrangement of sharing friend’s men…

I love me some Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics, the whole lip kit and all, but homegirl is shady!

After taking Tyga from Blac Chyna, Kylie took someone else from someone close to her.






Kylie Cosmetics 


Yes! I am talking about Travis Scott. Not long ago did I know that Travis Scott was actually dating Justine Skye, Kylie’s close friend, before being with Kylie herself.

Yikes! This just got messier because Kylie is only left with the blonde now in that photo above considering what has happened recently with Best Friend Forever…Jordyn Woods.

Did your mom ever tell you…”you lose them the same way you get them?”


Entertainment Tonight


Well, that has happened to Khloe Kardashian as Tristan Thompson has been caught in the mix multiple times ever since their baby’s due date was near.

Khloe Kardashian found herself in another failed relationship, but I don’t think any of us feel bad for her. She did steal Tristan Thompson from his other baby mama, Jordan Craig. Did I mention she was pregnant at the time as well? Man Tristan, you have a serious problem.


97.9 Beat


How does this relate to Jordyn Woods? Well, she is involved in the most recent scandal of the Kardashians.

Jordyn Woods was seen canoodling with Thompson at a house party of Valentines Day. I’m sure you guys know that story!

Jordyn Woods did an interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith to explain her side of the story, be sure to check it out here.

I am honestly surprised with Woods but can the Kardashians blame her?




It just sounds to me that she learned from her friends, the Kardashians themselves. Your friend’s man is for everyone.

After the scandal, Jenner has slashed prices from her collection with bestie on her Kylie Cosmetics site, and Khloe has been on a Twitter rant per usual.

Now that you guys have some real tea on the Kardashians, what do you think you about Calabasas biggest scandal?

Where have the rest of the sisters been during the scandal?

What will happen next?

Stay tuned.