Low-cal late night snacks for college students

Whether you’re up late studying for an exam, or are coming home in the early hours of the morning after a night uptown, late night snack cravings hit hard. And with Spring Break approaching, many college students are looking for something that won’t ruin their spring break-bod. Here are some late night snack ideas that won’t break your wallet or your waistline.

#1 Hummus and pretzels

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Hummus is full of healthy proteins that will fill you up fast. Most campus markets carry these small hummus and pretzel snacks that can fit in your tiny dorm/shared fridge. This means you’ll get full fast AND you can buy this late night treat with your decline balance. Don’t have a decline in balance? -Buy in bulk from Target here.

#2 Low-calorie popcorn

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Popcorn is the ultimate late night snack and never disappoints, but you can feel even better about choosing this as a late night snack when it’s so low in calories. So many different brands are coming out with new flavors of this low cal treat so it will satisfy any sweet or salty craving! Check out all the different flavors here. 

#3 Healthy Ice Cream

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The weather is finally warming up, and the sky is bright even later into the night. Warmer weather, more daylight, this can only mean one thing…ice cream! And with new alternatives to calorie-dense frozen treats popping up every day, you can still enjoy this summertime favorite before, during, and after spring break! Check out more options here. 

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With all of these healthy options, there is no reason to say no to a late night snack indulgence. So study hard, or stay out late, and treat yourself!

Luna Blu