Tevas: now in session

Before you judge me for this next statement, take a journey back to summer camp circa 2010. You’re in your Nike tempo shorts and some tie dye tee you made from an old t-shirt because you wanted extra pizzazz. Wrists and anklets are full of traded friendship bracelets from your closest summer friends. And on your feet? Tevas: a look.

Le Fashion

I’m obsessed with recreating outfits that I probably wore ten years into my past and putting a spin on it that makes me look somewhat mature, yet fun and nostalgic. Hey, I’m 21, I’m not allowed to look fully grown yet. Tevas SCREAM somewhat mature as they have their young, 13-year-old edge to them, but the practicality of a 34-year-old, which lands you smack at the age of 21.

Man Repeller

Perfectly reasonable for a college student to run to class, Kroger, or even Beat the Clock, I will have you be dying to buy a pair of Tevas at the end of this article. The rising and soon to peak trend of athletic, chunky footwear is ready to transition to open toed for the summer. Enter, Tevas. Have I convinced you yet? A normal strap and hundreds of fun colors, the brand takes adventure fashion to the street level.

Boyfriend jeans, neon bike shorts, or a sundress. All of these things have one thing in common; working well with this hikers-go-to. Whether you buy a pair in white, black, patterned, or beige, you won’t find an issue with pairing them with anything in your closet. Leather jacket and ripped denim shorts? Tevas on the bottom. Overalls and patterned tee? Sure thing, Teva’s go with that. White, tight mini dress? Platform Tevas, duh.

So before you completely turn your nose up at me for this entire article, remember summer camp in the seventh grade and all the fun things you did with all your old, seasonal best friends. Then purchase a pair of Tevas.