Four things I learned from Clinton Kelly

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get fashion advice from a real icon? Well, I had this exact opportunity when talking to Clinton Kelly!

Clinton Kelly is a fashion icon and reality tv star. He co-hosted TLC’s What Not to Wear and recently ABC’s The Chew.

I got the opportunity to interview Clinton Kelly because I am a part of Miami Television News which is a student ran broadcasting television organization.


In my interview, I learned five things from Clinton Kelly, and I could not have been more appreciative!

  1. Nervous? It’s okay don’t be.

Clinton Kelly had some words for me! He said if anyone ever asks you how nervous you are and you respond with 8 or higher, simply take it down to a 5.

“Just take it down to a 5.” Sounds hard right? But I honestly was terrified of interviewing him, even though he was so humble and nice, this is still a celebrity. So Clinton Kelly told me to “TAKE IT DOWN TO A 5.” And that’s what I did.

2. Its called style, not fashion.

Obviously one of my first questions for the fashion icon was “who was your fashion inspirer growing up?

He responded with he doesn’t believe in fashion and that he bases his life from seeing people’s style.

3. Dress the body you have- not you want.

The third thing I learned was that there are different types of dressers. You have to learn to dress the body you HAVE not you WANT.

There are freak dressers which were his favorite because they have the most style. These are the type of people that dress with different patterns like checkered knee high socks with plaid skirts.

Then there are oversexualized dressers that seem to just have low self-esteem or are crying out for help and want the attention.

Next, are frumps, frumps normally have low self-esteem like the over-sexualized dressers; however, do not want the attention.

4. Social Media is crazy!

The next thing I learned is that social media plays a big part in wanting bodies we do not have. Sometimes it is about dressing what you have so it looks like what you want.

My time with Clinton Kelly was amazing. He spoke about his time co-hosting, What Not to Wear and The Chew.

Fun fact, he actually didn’t like hosting What Not to Wear because he didn’t like judging someone’s style and telling them they should fix it. And he guaranteed me that the next job he takes he will enjoy!

Stay tuned.

Fashion from the Clinton Kelly interview:

This is what my co-host, Julian Huff and I decided to wear for the interview!