Basic? Ok.

Basic has been a term floating around since roughly 2010, or that’s as far back as I can recall. It is meant as an insult, intended to hurt a wide culture of, specifically, girls who often post or talk about their tendencies that they turn into personality traits. This can be making your Instagram caption, “Would rather be here than studying,” after posting an old photo from a beach vacay, tagging your friends in memes on Facebook about being hungover, or chatting with people about how you could never wear any other leggings BUT Lulus (Lululemon, for the uncultured folk.)

Man Repeller

But, the problem with making this an insult, is that it doesn’t allow people to be okay with something they enjoy, regardless of if it annoys others. It doesn’t allow you to laugh at stupid things you like, weird life moments, or relate to a simple life task without ridicule. Basic is cool, sometimes. It’s brought me to tears laughing. While I stand with the fact that I’m not actually that basic because I’m psychotic, I also stand with the fact that every single person on this planet is basic.

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You enjoy dumb memes, drink iced coffees, and watch an online streamed show that majority of the population also watches. You are basic in that you are a human being. Frustrating as coming to that realization may be, it’s not as big of an “insult” as society has taught you to believe. Your personality isn’t basic. Complex in likes and dislikes, everyone has quirks and music tastes that differ. We have not come to a unanimous opinion on whether you should put ranch on pizza if Arianna Grande’s music is always good, or whether wearing white after labor day is a passe rule.

So enjoy your weirdness, but remember to indulge in the basic. It’s refreshing and one of those little moments in life where you don’t need to think.