My summer bucket list

Here is my summer 2019 bucket list for days when I just don’t know what to do. Apologies, I am a Columbus gal so some of these may not be places you can go to (some of them are in Cincy)  but you can definitely substitute in local places that are close to you.

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Love this sunny picture on a not so sunny day by @mrs.alyssashaw ☀️💖

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  1. Fox in the Snow
  2. Stauf’s
  3. Condado
  4. Explore the Short North
  5. Over-the-Rhine
  6. Whippy Dip
  7. The Cone
  8. Jeni’s
  9. Frutta Bowl
  10. Donut trail
  11. Columbus Coffee Trail
  12. Make homemade ice cream
  13. King’s Island/Cedar Point
  14. Hueston Woods (or really any state park)
  15. Sleep outside
  16. Watch a sunset
  17. Watch a sunrise
  18. Make smores
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Outdoor movie night
  21. Drive-in movie
  22. Go thrift shopping
  23. Make bread
  24. Harry Potter movie marathon (watch all 8 movies in 24 hours)
  25. Go to a baseball game
  26. Go to the farmer’s market
  27. Fry competition (go get fries from a bunch of fast food restaurants and rate them)
  28. Try to eat vegan for a week
  29. Go pick up trash somewhere
  30. Eat candy bars you’ve never tried
  31. Have a three-night sleepover
  32. Go without your phone for a week
  33. Come up with a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe
  34. Try to bake something without a recipe
  35. Go pet dogs at a shelter
  36. Have a bonfire
  37. Go on a hike
  38. Pick strawberries
  39. Backyard slip in slide
  40. Make Big Cookie